ADU from a Realtor Perspective

Hi, Kamal the Builder here with Robert Burton from Burton Real Estate. Robert is here to ask me a few questions regarding ADUs that I build, while also adding a few comments here and there from a realtor’s perspective.

Why are people building ADUs? A lot of people are building ADUs to deal with our current housing shortages or for other various reasons. For example, some people are building an ADU to rent it out, some build an ADU for their family members, while some build an ADU that they can use, as they grow older, etc.

What should I consider when building an ADU unit? We have provided overall guidelines, and have recorded another video on this subject with a lot more details.

Each city has its own way of approving an ADU project. What is generally considered in the approval process? Sometimes it is the size of your lot, Sometimes it considers the square footage of the existing dwelling, and sometimes the city has a maximum size of ADU you can build, regardless of the size of the lot or the size of the primary dwelling.

How do we get the ADU process started with customers? Once we have the customer’s address, we have all the requirements written down by the time we get to their lot, we provide a checklist showing that our design will meet the city’s requirements, we have quite a few ADU designs we can show them, and then we can have the customer meet with an architect or designer to get full plans ready for city review.

If someone wasn’t able to fully fund an ADU project, what do you suggest they do? Of course, there is the most obvious answer, save up money before committing to an ADU project; however, there are also some startups that have some innovative models. These startups would generally take an equity position in the home and you’ll pay them when you sell or refinance the home.

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