Do’s and Don’ts of Working with a Contractor

After our last video, “How to find a good general contractor” we’ve noticed that working with a general contractor is not often talked about. As a result, I decided to talk about the do’s and don’ts of construction – from financial management to just plain advice in this area. With this video, you’ll be able to have a better understanding of how you should work with a general contractor.

  1. Engage as early as possible – While you are working on your project, the general contractor can help you economize your project and make it fit your budget. Once the plans are drawn and you have received a permit, how a general contractor can economize the project is limited.
  2. Be Transparent about your Schedule and Budget – This is so the general contractor can help work with you and give you the feedback about what can be done and what can’t be done, within your schedule and budget.
  3. Understand your cost upfront – a good general contractor will provide you with details on where the major costs are. This way you can see whether it fits your budget and whether you can economize things further. With this approach, you can reduce surprises to your budget.
  4. Specify the material upfront – This way the general contractor can stick to your budget throughout the project and deliver the finishes you want.
  5. Plan upfront – Plan your finishes and the big-budget items upfront, so that you know the big-ticket items, and where your money is going.
  6. Make Timely Decisions – A lot of things happen in sequence, so make timely decisions to stay within schedule and budget. Understand lead time for materials, so that you know when things will arrive and the impact to the overall schedule.

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