How to Find a Good Contractor

Hi, this is Kamal the Builder, building your dreams. We are launching a series of videos to provide you with tips on how to partner with contractors to help you complete an excellent project. Last week we discussed Contractor Red Flags, and this week we will discuss two subjects: 1) Whats a good general contractor and 2) How do you find a good general contractor?

1. Your Contractor should be your Partner in the project! Your success means success. They are “boots are on the ground” and completely engaged – they understand all aspects of the project. The next thing is, your partner should keep you out of trouble. The project should meet all city requirements and should pass all inspections. Another thing is delivering on time and within budget. We should also expect excellent responsiveness and full communication from the contractor. Don’t forget to make sure they are licensed and meet all requirements for the project.

2. Check with your network and who they know. Find out what experiences they have in building, and see the quality of their work. Check out the neighborhood and look for signs of contractors, which is a good sign. If a customer allows a sign placed on the front of their home, it usually means they are having a good experience with their contractor. Check the public records as well to look for any red flags in the contractor’s history.

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