Protecting Yourself in a Construction Project

Hi, Kamal the Builder here once again! I’d like to provide you with tips on protecting yourself during a construction project! We meet new clients that share some of their experiences with us, and my goal is to make sure you don’t get into any of these issues. A great General Contractor will work hard to protect you, to minimize any surprises and deliver results in a timely manner…

  1. Only Hire a licensed Contractor- If not, you’ll be breaking the law, and they’ll be breaking the law – the likelihood you could get in trouble is very high. The licensed contractor not only works hard on protecting their license and their brand but protecting you, the customer, as well. 
  2. Have a written contract before starting the work- including a detailed scope of the project, payment terms, and an approximate schedule, with a start date and finish date. Also, verify their company (with the contractor state license board), and make sure there are no complaints against them.  
  3. Get “Course of Construction” insurance – This insurance protects you from many situations during the construction project. If you don’t know how where to get this, we can connect you with the right person, reach out to us at
  4. Ask for Lien Releases – As you finish each part of the project and pay the contractor or subcontractors, they are not able to file a mechanics lien against you for non-payment.  
  5. If you want to terminate the relationship with the contractor, do so with a written termination agreement- Sometimes you need to part ways. If you to do that, proceed with a written termination agreement. If you don’t know how to draft one, contact us at
  6. When your project is complete, file a “Notice of Completion” with your county registrar. This declares the project is complete and prevents anyone from filing a mechanic’s lien on your property.  

The most important tip here is to work with a licensed contractor!!

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